2020 Fall Season

The classes at North Toronto Theatre Arts focus on three main things. Creativity, Curiosity and Team Work. Each class is designed to allow the students to learn as much as they can, while having as much fun as possible. As the students progress in age they are given more challenging shows to work on. We believe that theatre teaches children and young adults skills that they will use their whole lives.


Intermediate Theatre (Gr. 4-8) 

Tuesday October 19 - December 14 2021


$180  plus tax

Students will spend this term working on creating memorable characters, learning how to do cold reads, understanding the difference between acting for the stage vs. acting on camera and performance skills. They will be cast in the spring show and begin to delve into scene study and improvisation work to help build confidence and skill!


Advanced Theatre  (Gr. 9-12)

Monday October 18 - December 13


$370 plus tax

Students will be working as an ensemble and be cast in a play. Classes will be largely rehearsal based with time spent on character development, scene analysis, stage technique, voice and physicalization. Students will be filming a small selection of scenes at the end of the term that will be part of their larger end of year production in the spring.